Importance of Power Washing Your Home Prior to Applying Painting

Painting the outside portion of your house is a good way to enhance its looks, improve its curb appeal as well as raise its resale value. However, a poor paint work can definitely ruin your home in any way, so when you are having your house painted with the help of professional residential painting Lafayette service provider, you can be able to rest easy knowing that you are receiving high quality workmanship. The looks of the paint will easily peel, chip and deteriorate if the paint work is not done accordingly.

Residential Painting Lafayette

When you hire a professional and a highly experienced painting service provider, you will be guaranteed the best quality services you possibly need. As a matter of fact, the professionals usually do power washing the exterior of your house, since it is always advisable that you perform this method prior to an exterior paint work. Power washing the exterior will ensure firm adhesion and prolongs the life of the exterior paint. The following are some of the reasons why it is recommended to do power washing your entire house prior to applying paint on it:

1. Power Washing Helps Make Your Paint Stay Longer

The best approach to make sure that the exterior paint job last for a long period of time is to have your house pressure washed before it is painted on. Fungus, mold, particulate matter, grime as well as dirt can all accumulate on the surface of the walls of your home, even if they cannot be seen by the naked eye. If you paint your home’s walls prior to pressure washing them, it is likely that you will be painting over these grime and dirt and not painting the walls at all.

However, if you paint over the buildup on the outside walls, it will start to peel and chip away much more easily than usual. In addition to that, the paint will definitely react to moisture and heat very noticeably and very quickly. Pressure washing prior to painting will make sure that the paint sticks to the walls of your home so that it will looks very good and stays as long as possible.

2. No DIY Version for Pressure Washing

Professional pressure washing services can’t be duplicated with any DIY version of the task. You might be able to leave some visible markings off with just an ordinary hose and some elbow grease however, what you cannot see on the walls is what will matter most since it can be very harmful to your health and cause damage to your walls in the long run. Most buildups on the walls will only be removed with very high pressures.

It is also worth considering that renting a power washer, while it might save you a lot of money, is still not a very good choice unless you have enough experience and the right training in that certain field. A very high pressurized water can be so dangerous and you could cause an injury or damage to your property.

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